Colloidal Silver! What a Miracle!

I want to talk about Colloidal Silver in today’s post. You may or may not have heard of this awesome natural antibiotic but, I will share what I have found out for myself. I have struggled with lots of illness in my life and so I’m always looking for natural ways to heal myself rather then run to the doctor every time I’m sick. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2005 and was literally almost bed ridden with 6 months:( I was sent home from the doctor with a prescription for anti depressants and told there was nothing they could do…I wasn’t going to accept that! I started to do a lot of research and trying different things to get relief. I tried The RawFood diet and vegan diet and alkaline diet and the china study…just about everything. I started to see a link between tubal ligation and hysterectomy to Fibromyalgia. A light bulb went off, I had my tubes tied right after the birth of my son in August 2002 and my health went down hill after that until my diagnosis in 2005. So I started to research tubal reversal and found that the best tubal reversal doctor practiced in North Carolina. So I set a date for my surgery and my husband and I flew to N.C. On Mothers Day 2007 and I had my surgery…it wasn’t cheap or covered by insurance but God provided the money. within a month post surgery my Fibromyalgia symptoms were gone…seriously! I have been pain free until a few months ago when my perimenopause reached its all time high:( I am nearing the end of perimenopause and the beginning of menopause…I still do not have full blown Fibro pain like I did before surgery but I do get pain in my shoulders and lower back at certain times of the month. My long story has brought me to my discovery of Colloidal Silver (thanks for hanging in this long:) I have recently been inundated with UTI’s:( I have never really had a problem with them but, I have heard that women going through perimenopause are at a higher risk for them…lucky me:( I started to do some research about natural antibiotics and I found a lot of great info about Colloidal Silver. One of the best sites I came across was….I learned a lot and I am even making my own Colloidal Silver now. I am doing better these days since starting the silver and I feel like it will protect me from future UTI’s and bladder issues also with all these bacteria infections gaining steam and becoming antibiotic resistant you need to have something to keep you and your loved ones well that will not become resistant to bacteria, viruses and fungi. I will keep you posted on my silver journey and until next time. Be well and stay safe:)


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